<b>Here's a list of why you must use this knitting yarn winder. </b><br>- Windaze Yarn Ball Winders is manufactured for long lasting, easy use and best of all, affordable! <br>- This knitting yarn winder can easily be clamped to most table tops and counters and the hand operated crank can be adjusted with ease. <br>- It makes the perfect pull thread balls and cakes without requiring heavy equipment. <br>- Allow you to make jumbo size yarn ball. <br>-It provides even flow and prevent snags and tangles.<br><br><b>Assembling Instructions:</b>1. Put the yarn guide at the base and tighten the screw<br>2. Clamp the ball winder to a table top or counter edge<br>3. Put the other yarn guide near the bobbin holder then tighten the screw<br>4. Place and tighten the bobbin to the bobbin holder<br><b>Attention:there are 2 swing arms, use either swing arm but not both at once,the second arm is simply a counter balance.</b><br><br>Package included:<br>1 x Wool winder<br>1 x Plastic Shaft<br>1 x detailed usage instruction paper

Product Features

  • ღGet your knitting and crocheting supplies organized easily with this knitting yarn winder. Turn skeins of yarn into clean, neat center pull cakes or balls with ease.
  • ღLight weight, easy to install on working desk or bench, Low noise when working, convenient and portable
  • ღTransform loose yarn into immaculate, well-kept balls. These nifty, little gadgets easy to assemble and they easily attach to any table or countertop without leaving damage.
  • ღInstruction: Lock the winder at the table, tighten up the button to fix it, and put the string through the iron wire to block on the groove of the disk.
  • ღHeavy duty construction paired with elegant design and functionality. Our jumbo yarn ball winder is the perfect tool for anyone, no matter the skill level. Manufactured for long-term use.

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